Tummy Tuck Belt

Some More Tips for a Healthy 2014

Have you decided that 2014 is the year that you’ll start a healthier lifestyle? The Tummy Tuck Belt encourages you on your path towards good health, and we’ve created a list of some tips and suggestions you may want to consider following on your own journey.

  • Stay in motion: They say a body at rest, stays at rest and a body of motion stays in motion. Try to inject more motion and activity in your daily life.
  • Watch your sugar and salt intakes: Salt can increase the retention of water and sugar, if not properly maintained, can lead to weight gain or even diabetes.
  • Floss your teeth daily: Bacteria in the mouth has the potential to lead to some serious health issues. Flossing can help to reduce the presence of bacteria in your mouth.
  • Breathe: Proper breathing can have a direct influence on your emotional states and moods. When we’re upset we tend to breathe rapidly, shallowly, and irregularly. When we’re calm we breathe slower, deeper, quieter and more regularly. Take time to stop and take deep breaths!
  • Get smart about snacking: Many of us snack during the day. Let 2014 be the year where you stop grabbing those convenient, processed, salty or sugar-filled snacks. Instead, plan ahead! Take cut up fruit and veggies with you to school or work and grab these healthy snacks throughout the day.
  • Check in with your doctor: Make sure you check in with your doctor for your annual medical examinations.
  • Drink water: Water is one of the most essential elements of good health. Water is good for the metabolism and it promotes excretion of waste from the body.


  1. I would like to cancel the order and stop the tummy cream from being sent to me.